Passionate about our clients, dedicated to our community

Our responsibility to our clients is the lifeblood of our business. We also recognize our responsibility to our surrounding community, and to volunteering our time, our skills and our financial resources in ways that make a measurable difference.

Ways in which we give back

Annual company volunteer day

Once each year we close our offices to volunteer our time to a charitable cause. Besides helping those in need, it gives us an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and to remind ourselves that, as individuals and as a group, we can make a difference. From holiday toy drives to food banks, we value the experience of helping local organizations support their missions.

Pro-bono work

From time to time, non-profit organizations approach us for research, and we are more than happy to donate our services to help advance their causes.

Supporting employee causes

Our contributions extend to the organizations and initiatives that our employees choose to support. Whether it’s sponsoring walks or runs, participating in school or youth organizations, or donating directly to selected charities, our employees know their colleagues and the firm are behind them all the way.